As part of our commitment to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), IPPF is taking steps to make information publicly available on all of our work.

IPPF has initiated a rolling programme to publish information on the results of our projects and programmes. This includes key documents (logical frameworks, performance statistics, reports, and evaluations) and levels of funding. We will also publish data in XML format which can be viewed alongside other organisations’ on the IATI Registry.

This information is published because:

  1. IPPF is funded for the most part by donor governments. By publishing detailed information on the results of the programmes and projects they fund, we are more accountable not just to those governments, but to their taxpayers who deserve to know how and where their money is spent.
  2. IPPF is committed to the objectives of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. We believe that the increased transparency and accountability fostered by the IATI process brings us closer to achieving these objectives.
  3. Increased transparency and accountability drives organisations to be more effective. Sharing detailed information about our work helps us to push ourselves to deliver better value for money, as well as to be more accountable to our clients.

Initially, here we publish data of 2012 core unrestricted programmes. This covered USD $67.2 million of 2012 expenditure, and $68.6 million of funding, well over 50% of the total consolidated income and expenditure for the year.

Given the sustained, long-term nature of IPPF’s core activities, this provides a reasonable representation not just of 2012 transactions, but also of future planned investment in key priorities. IPPF plans to make more information available on other projects and activities, including work supported by additional restricted funding, in 2013.