Albanian Center for Population and Development

IPPF Albania

The Family Planning Association of Albania (FPAA) runs family planning clinics in Tirana and Lezha, and has branches in 6 districts of the country. The organization trains health personnel in reproductive health, post-delivery contraception and safe abortion techniques.

FPAA also trains pharmacists and sex educators, and runs information, education and communication (IEC) programmes and activities in conjunction what the Albanian Foundation for Civil Society. The IEC work focuses on sensitising the general public to family planning issues and techniques. There’s also a strong strand devoted to educating young people.

FPAA has significant influence with government officials and policy makers working in the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) sector, and has played a major role in drafting the country’s reproductive health legislation. The association also allies itself closely with women’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) advocating for the delivery of improved services.