Associação Para o Planeamento da Família

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Associação Para o Planeamento da Família (APF) is a vibrant and dynamic Member Association which has played a key role in advancing the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) agenda in the country.

It has 10 regional delegations operated by volunteer staff, and works closely with health and education professionals, and with professionals engaged in community intervention, particularly with reference to the SRH needs of young people. Information, education, training and advocacy are central to APF’s work.

APF runs programmes in fields such as sexual orientation, early pregnancy and motherhood, teenage parenthood, abortion, contraception, male SRH, and the prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV and AIDS.

The Member Association played a crucial role in a long campaign to legalize abortion in the country. A bill to allow abortions up until the 10thweek of pregnancy finally received parliamentary approval in 2007.

APF manages a resource centre, which has an extensive library of information and publications on SRH. It operates a telephone helpline (Sexuality Online) which provides information, support, counselling and referral services for young people, and a second helpline dedicated to assisting individuals in need of advice over unwanted pregnancy.

Over the years, the Member Association’s service delivery and advocacy work has made an invaluable contribution to improvements in SRH and maternal and child health and to contraceptive awareness, understanding and use. It has also helped to produce a significant reduction in numbers of teenage pregnancies.  




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