Family Planning and Sexual Health Association of Lithuania

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The Family Planning and Sexual Health Association of Lithuania (FPSHA) focuses on educational campaigns, advocacy and the protection of reproductive and sexual rights. The organization runs training courses for health personnel and teachers, and advocates for the introduction of sex education in the school curriculum.

It collaborated with the Polish Member Association in designing a 'Preparation for Family Life' programme for schools, and it joined with the Danish Member Association in promoting and providing seminars for teachers.

FPSHA’s youth group publishes a newsletter and has produced a video on contraceptive methods for young people. The Member Association as a whole co-operates actively with several women's non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in advocating for the introduction of legislation providing unrestricted access to reproductive health care and services.

FPSHA also works closely with government departments to promote family planning and counselling as an integrated part of the country’s midwifery service.