Latvian Association for Family Planning & Sexual Health

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The Latvian Association for Family Planning & Sexual Health (LAFPSH) focuses on information, education and training activities for health personnel and the general public, and sex education for teachers and young people.

The organization has a highly active youth group which runs a safer sex campaign (in conjunction with national media). The group also publishes an advice section in a major youth magazine dealing with problems relating to (for example) puberty, relationships, contraceptives and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It operates a telephone helpline which is run by young people, for young people.

More broadly, LAFPSH runs seminars and workshops on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) concerns such as sexuality and people with disability, gender-based violence and menopause.

LAFPSH has significant influence as an advocate at government level, and has been closely involved in developing the national reproductive health programme. This is reflected in the organization’s active programme of information, education and communication (IEC) in conjunction with the Latvian Teachers Association. It has led to the training of over a 1,000 teachers in sex education.

A project jointly supported by the Swedish Family Planning Association and the European Commission has enabled LAFPSH to produce and disseminate high quality materials on STIs, condoms and sex education.