Väestöliitto (The Family Federation of Finland)

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Väestöliitto (The Family Federation of Finland) is an umbrella organization for agencies working in the field of health and social affairs in relation to population and family policy issues.

It offers free sex education services to young people through the Open House Youth Counselling Service which provides personal and telephone counselling on topics such as sexuality, contraception, and dating. It runs programmes in schools to highlight population and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues.

Väestöliitto has a well-developed condom sales scheme via the Slot Machine Association. It is involved in scientific research into new contraceptive methods, it has 3 infertility clinics, and it maintains sperm and embryo banks. The Member Association operates a project called 'Full Life' which is aimed at adults over 40 years old and offers counselling on menopause, ageing and sexuality, and it also runs 2 family clinics which provide sexual therapy, and relationship therapy for individuals, couples and families.

The organization collaborates closely with IPPF Member Associations in Estonia and Latvia to train teachers in sex education.

Väestöliitto also advocates for increased international aid for family planning and sexual and reproductive health (SRH), and runs projects in Mexico, Vietnam and Malawi.


Website: www.vaestoliitto.fi 
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