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High on the list of things that Viktor Orban doesn’t want you to know: homosexuality is a Hungarian invention & 59% of Hungarians believe that gay couples should have equal rights to adopt a child, yet attacking LGBTI* rights is at the top of the political agenda.
On World Contraception Day, it might seem surprising that we still need to raise awareness about contraceptive care in Europe. But our work with some of Europe's most vulnerable communities brings home how much contraceptive care still changes and saves lives.
I grew up feeling ashamed and somewhat guilty of my body, receiving too much unwanted attention. From colleagues at schools to strangers on the street, it seemed totally natural for strangers to slap my behind or catcall me. I knew this was not right, but also didn’t realize that it was not my fault.
“I like that he reads a lot, and that he’s handsome too!” says Nicoleta of her boyfriend Marian. Marian and Nicoleta, both in their twenties, met by chance in 2014, and are now eager to move in together. “She’s beautiful,” ...