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Here’s what Nika, former volunteer for pro familia’s youth network – who coached member associations from Spain and Ireland, had to say about their experience working on the youth-centred approach.
Here is what Margaux, youth officer for MFPF, had to say about how the youth-centred approach changed how young people are included in her organisation.
On World Contraception Day, it might seem surprising that we still need to raise awareness about contraceptive care in Europe. But our work with some of Europe's most vulnerable communities brings home how much contraceptive care still changes and saves lives.
The recent protests following the death of George Floyd due to police violence demonstrate once again how structurally embedded social inequality is within our societies. COVID-19 has exacerbated these inequalities.
No matter where we live, what we look like, or what income we might have, this pandemic affects us all. IPPF members around Europe and Central Asia, as throughout the world, continue to do their best to ensure that all people can lead safe and dignified reproductive lives even in confinement.
Today is a momentous day for women's rights, and one that many thought they'd never see. A day in which an outdated and cruel law has been removed.
Mathilde and Amelie are volunteers for Ton Plan à Toi, an initiative for relationship and sexuality education launched by Mouvement Francais Pour Le Planning Familial. Ton Plan à Toi was set up to provide people with skills and information that would enable them to have happy and healthy relationships and lives.
We talked with Feđa Mehmedović, Programme Leader at Association XY (IPPF’s Member Association in Bosnia & Herzegovina) about his experiences providing and advocating for relationship and sexuality education in his country.
Sonja Ghaderi is Project Manager of 'Curious: Sex and Relationships for young newcomers,’ a relationship and sexuality education programme for young migrants in Sweden which is led by IPPF’s Swedish Member Association, RFSU.