How can the European Union deliver on reproductive freedom?

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We call on the EU to ensure that all people can lead free and safe private and family lives, in a society free from sexism and discrimination.

Unfortunately, access to sexual and reproductive rights varies greatly inside and outside the EU. These rights are increasingly under threat, with the rise of illiberal coercive movements against gender equality, women’s and LGBTI rights, and a shrinking civil society space.

The EU can and must champion sexual and reproductive health and rights.

All people deserve to lead free and safe sexual and reproductive lives.

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Equality We can't achieve gender equality without having access to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

In order to counter future attempts to restrict gender equality and reproductive freedom we ask the EU to take these steps.

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Hands How can the European Parliament uphold sexual and reproductive freedom, safety and dignities in the EU?

We lay down the areas where the EU has internal competences and where Members of the European Parliament have the power to act.

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WorldWhat can Members of the European Parliament do to uphold the right of all people to lead safe and dignified lives, free from coercion and harm?

We ask the EU to continue to recognise the importance of sexual and reproductive rights in development policies.

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