EuropeWeWant statement on the Future of Europe

21st May 2021

Europe is facing unprecedented global and local challenges. Rising authoritarianism continues to place European democracy at risk. We need urgent action to achieve a pandemic recovery that will reshape society, as well tackle climate change, inequalities, and the design and control of new technologies. This must be a watershed moment to set Europe on a transformation towards a just, sustainable, democratic, and inclusive society.

This is the moment to set in motion a transformation, shaped by citizens and civil society. We cannot afford to be complacent. The Conference on the Future of Europe, in these unprecedented times, is the opportunity for European leaders to finally address these priorities and guarantee rights:

All European residents must have the right to access and participate in European decision-making, holding European decision-makers accountable. Independent Europe-wide citizen assemblies have a role to play in European decision-making processes. Organised civil society and trade unions must thus have a seat at the table at the Conference, and European leaders must therefore create an enabling space for civil society and social partners for a robust European democracy, during the Conference and beyond.

Everyone must have the right to live in a healthy, sustainable, and safe environment that enables human prosperity. This necessarily means that global warming must be kept if possible to 1.5 degrees as prescribed by the Paris Agreement. Europe must take its fair share of climate action based on science and historical responsibility and do so by pursuing quality as well as quantitative targets that leaves nobody behind.

A just green transition must lead to an inclusive society that provides social protection with equal opportunities and access for all, also thanks to the creation of quality jobs, including for all those that produce the goods and services that we consume in the EU.

All European residents in all walks of life must have the right to access lifelong and life wide learning. This needs to include opportunities for upskilling and reskilling, and the development of civic competences, including digital citizenship and global dimensions.

Every human has the right to digital self-determination, with an open and humane internet, free from mass surveillance and disinformation. Technological advancement must serve human wellbeing first, and be safe, inclusive, and based on human rights values. All decisions with social and political implications should be taken by human beings, not by algorithms.

Europe must prioritise equality between women and men, end all gender discrimination. All forms of discrimination and violence must be combated through active focused measures. Action must be taken to ensure inclusion and equality for all, especially those who are currently unrepresented.

Now is the time to make a more democratic, sustainable, and inclusive Europe a reality.

Africa Solidarity Centre Ireland
Alpe Adria Green
Another Europe is Possible
European Trade Union Confederation
European Women's Lobby
Fair Trade Advocacy Office
Friends of the Earth
International Planned Parenthood
Federation European Network
Music Theatre International
Open Society European Policy Institute