Irish abortion law published

20th August 2013
Irish abortion law published

IPPF EN celebrates another victory for women’s rights

Today is a great day for Ireland and for Europe! Irish President Higgins signs abortion bill into law today - IPPF EN celebrates another victory for women’s rights.
We want to congratulate all  activists, parliamentarians and human rights lawyers in Ireland, in Europe and all over the world that contributed to this change! As IPPF family members we are happy and proud of all the patient and courageous work that the Irish Family Planning Association did jointly with women’s coalitions, human rights groups and human rights institutions to make this day possible. Thank you IFPA for this historic moment! 
Furthermore IPPF EN wants to thank the brave Irish Parliamentarians and Members of the Irish Government who allowed for this change. 
This is a small step forward. No one can be under any illusion that enacting the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill fulfils the State’s responsibility to women. The amendment of the law will only allow for abortions when a woman’s life is under threat or if she is suicidal.“
The constitutional ban prohibits abortion in all other circumstances, even in cases of rape and incest. This is not in line with what women need and deserve in Ireland but it is what the Irish legislator could do within the current Constitutional framework. 
If legislators in Ireland want to ensure that tragedies like Savita’s death will never happen again, it is clear that the Irish Constitution must be amended to allow abortion even where there is a serious threat to a woman’s long-term health and well-being. 
We stand by the Irish Family Planning Association and the many activists in Ireland and around the world who continue the struggle for women’s rights.