Joining Forces for Voices and Accountability Initiative

14th August 2013
ACPD youth volunteers distributing flyers in the streets of Tirana. © IPPF EN/Layla Aerts/Albania 2013

ACPD youth volunteers distributing flyers in the streets of Tirana. © IPPF EN/Layla Aerts/Albania 2013

In partnership with IPPF's Western Hemisphere, and with the support of UKaid, we are carrying out a five-year advocacy initiative in 11 countries in Latin America and Central Asia/Eastern Europe to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to hold national governments accountable for their commitments to gender equality and universal access to sexual and reproductive health services. The Voices project works to develop robust civil society coalitions, fortify the advocacy skills and strategies of our MAs, and create favorable sexual and reproductive health and rights policies and programmes in each country. We accomplish these goals by providing educational trainings and workshops, on-going political analysis, pilot experiences assessing budget transparency, and technical assistance.

IPPF EN produced an important monitoring and evaluation toolkit for advocacy activities within the framework of the Voices project involving 6 Member Associations from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The toolkit aims to support Member Associations in their efforts to effectively map out and evaluate progress in their advocacy work. This user-friendly guide has also been translated into Russian. By using this toolkit, Member Associations have reinforced their logical frameworks, improvded their daily practice in monitoring and evaluation of advocacy activities and strengthened the quality of their reports.

Roma community stigmatised

Naile 21 and Esma 18 are two young women from a Roma district in Tirana, visiting a nearby youth clinic center. Naile was married when she was 12. “That was my idea”, she says. Her husband died when she was 15. Now she wants to make a life of her own before she remarries. She wants to study English and work but has no means to pay for this. She stopped school when she was 11. Her sister Esma got married when she was 16. She now lives with her parents but would like to own her own home. She wants three children.The family earns their living out of collecting plastic bottles. They earn about € 5 per day. © IPPF EN/Layla Aerts/Albania 2013