Libres de nos choix:

8th March 2017
Libres de nos choix

To be free to make your own choices, you need quality information and you need to know your rights.

On International Women's Day our French member Le Planning Familial launched their campaign "Libres de nos Choix", a wonderful digital platform where young people can find out about their sexual rights. Access to abortion, family planning and HIV services are fundamental rights.Too few countries still have abortion legislation. The legalization of abortion in France dates back to 1975. Since then, advances in abortion care have been legislated but implementation remains insufficient and the very principle of this right is constantly being questioned. The first step towards equality is for women to be able to choose whether or not to become pregnant or not, or to have a child or not.

Sexuality education is crucial to ensure everyone has the right to comprehensive information that allows them to access the best contracaptive methods according to their circumstances. This is directly linked to personal development and empowerment, as well as living healthy, fulfilled lives. Sexual Rights are human rights necessary to freedom and bodily autonomy. Le Planning believes these are indivisible and universal.

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