Up to Six Million Women Expected to Go On Strike In Support Of Abortion Rights

4th October 2016
Czarny Protest Poland

Thousands of women took to the streets of Poland on #BlackMonday to protest against a draft law that would limit access to legal abortion

“Going to [the proposed] total ban would be something really odious, and something that would make life of women there extremely dangerous,” Irene Donadio, public affairs manager at IPPF European Network, told BuzzFeed News.

Pro-choice activists are hoping the European Parliament will adhere to its own advice. Last year, the parliament chastised Paraguay for its abortion law, with restrictions similar to the Polish proposal. But that adherence isn’t a given.

“We know that it’s easier to be brave about the situation in countries that are really far away, and it’s more difficult to have a bold stand with a member of the same club,” Donadio said. “We do hope that the European Parliament and parliamentarians there will show support and coherence in their stand.”

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