Choices and Opportunities

Worldwide young people are denied their sexual and reproductive rights and the opportunity to make informed choices about their sexuality. This makes them vulnerable to unplanned pregnancies, STIs and HIV which will alter their future making it impossible for them to develop their full potential.

The Choices and Opportunities programme (2011–2014) is funded by the Dutch Government.  It focuses on increasing access to youth-friendly services, enhancing Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), and advocacy for young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Based on needs assessments, 14 Member Associations across all IPPF regions started implementing projects in 2011. For the European Network the member associations of Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina are part of this project.

ACPD in Albania aims to increase access to youth-friendly services, including for young Roma and young men and boys. ACPD is training key stakeholders on comprehensive sexuality education. It established an expert group to advocate for a sub-law and the introduction of comprehensive sexuality education guidelines in schools. The project is strengthening ACPD’s network of young leaders and advocates in Albania.

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, Association XY is addressing the need for quality sexual and reproductive health services and comprehensive sexuality education for young people, including those from rural areas and Men having Sex with Men. A feasibility study was  conducted to identify innovative ways to increase access to services. With key stakeholders, XY is working on a national curriculum for comprehensive sexuality education.