Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is an IPPF funded programme that stimulates Member Associations to be creative and to think out of the box. The Member Associations in the Europe region have been quite successful in their applications, mostly focussing on advocacy. This is a programme which allows experimentation but then learns from both success and failure.

Sexual rights for the displaced in Poland

Changes to the Schengen Zone in 2008 have made Poland an important border country for the European Union, resulting in a substantial inflow of immigrants and asylum seekers. These displaced people are living in government centres, in isolation from the rest of the Polish population, and policy makers show only limited concern  for their welfare. TRR, the IPPF Member Association in Poland is the first non-governmental organization to address those people’s sexual and reproductive health. Through its project, TRR is advocating for their rights, mapping their needs and providing sexual and reproductive health information and services.

Abortion in Northern Ireland


“This isn’t simply just an issue about women’s health; it is also an issue about equality and discrimination.” (Quote from Project staff). The 1967 Abortion Act which governs the abortion law in the rest of the United Kingdom has never been extended to Northern Ireland. Each year, over 1,000 women requiring a termination face the costs of travelling to England. Abortion in Northern Ireland is only available when a woman’s medical or physical health is at serious and grave risk. The Family Planning Association (FPA) in Northern Ireland is the only organization openly challenging the status quo.  FPA’s actions support reproductive health and choice-fuelled public and professional dialogue on the abortion issue. By strengthening the professional base, the inadequacy of Northern Ireland’s abortion laws was seriously challenged.  For the first time politicians’ commitment to women's rights was called upon. FPA increased political support for a woman’s right to choose the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. FPA Northern Ireland became an expert on national, regional and international human rights frameworks. It used this knowledge to encourage the government to implement international human rights law.