Championing Youth Rights

Youth activists, Spain

IPPF EN is working to empower young people through sexuality education so that no one is denied crucial life skills.

A major focus of our work is paving the way for increasing numbers of young people to develop the skills to navigate growing up, thanks to sex and relationships education.

The European Network was a loud contributor to IPPF’s global Know It, Own It campaign 2016, calling on all countries to ensure that young people, especially the most vulnerable, are equipped with quality information about health and the positive aspects of sex and sexuality.

We also collaborated with Germany’s Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) and other partners to carry out exciting new research on the current status of sexuality education in 25 countries in Europe and Central Asia. The research shows that some form of sexuality education in school is becoming the norm in our region and that there is more awareness about the healthy development of young people, with growing focus on increasing child protection and gender equality. We are encouraged that many countries are investing in sexuality education to ensure that all young people are safe and healthy, though sadly others are still denying them crucial life skills. The research will be used to create a powerful new resource for all those fighting alongside us to ensure that young people’s right to sexual literacy is fulfilled.