Fighting for Reproductive Freedom and Access to Care

Woman and children, Central Asia

Because we believe that Europe must stand firm against reproductive bullying.

Opposition to women’s reproductive freedom and safety has significantly increased in our region in recent years and has been further emboldened by the expansion of right-wing movements and victories. In Europe, attacks on abortion rights and access to contraception in Poland are the most extreme manifestation, but the danger is present in many places, from Croatia and Sweden, to Malta and Ireland. In countries such as Hungary, repressive governments are trying to stifle NGOs’ ability to function altogether. This is the reality many of our members and partners are fighting on a daily basis.

To confront these challenges, IPPF EN is developing the capacity to create more powerful narratives and communications tools that will help to build wider public and political support for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). We also strongly support mobilisation for reproductive rights, and are helping national organisations to build their capacity to fight back against repressive forces that seek to prevent people, especially women and girls, from living free reproductive lives. Our aim is to strengthen the SRHR movement, speak loud and clear about the values that underpin our Federation, and – working with other progressive movements - contribute to positive change in the region.

Brussels protest for Polish women
The #CzarnyProtest was a beautiful example of the power of grassroots activism to hold political leaders to account, of how social movements can work across borders. Thousands of outraged people in Europe and around the world stood with Polish women to say «enough is enough». Photo credit: Dearbhla Crosse