Relationship and sexuality education


IPPF European Network is fighting with and for young people so that they have the chance to develop the life skills needed to foster healthier and safer relationships, based on equality and respect.

Time to act

  • Uphold the right to a life free from coercion, threat and violence by allowing unhindered access to relationship and sexuality education.
  • Work towards a world where men and women are equally protected through a holistic approach to relationship and sexuality education.
  • Stand for young people’s right to literacy in all matters of health and intimacy.

Decision-makers owe young people relationship and sexuality education

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“So I thought – this is the key to end all the issues that women and girls face”

Mathilde (25) and Amélie (27) are volunteers for Ton Plan à Toi, an initiative for relationship and sexuality education launched by IPPF's French Member Association, Mouvement Francais Pour Le Planning Familial. They provide people with skills and information that would enable them to have happy and healthy relationships and lives.

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“I found out that I can say sorry, in a different way. And it became my mission”

Feđa Mehmedović, (Programme Leader at Association XY, IPPF’s Member Association in Bosnia & Herzegovina) shares his experiences providing and advocating for relationship and sexuality education in his country.

Find out what motivated him to become a champion for sexuality education.

“An anti-racist perspective permeates everything we do”

Sonja Ghaderi works at IPPF’s Swedish Member Association, RFSU, where she delivers relationship and sexuality education to young migrants. Find out how the programme she leads improves the lives of newcomers.