Annual Report 2016

IPPF EN annual report cover


In 2016, IPPF EN continued to support our members and partners in Europe and Central Asia in the fight to make sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) a reality for all. Our focus was, as always, on helping women and young people who are neglected by governments, or attacked by regressive forces that seek to control the bodies and lives of others.

This annual report presents some of the highlights of our work. These include championing women’s rights at a time when reproductive bullying is on the rise, helping to ensure that governments deliver on SRHR and gender equality, including in the Global South, and paving the way for increasing numbers of young people to develop crucial life skills through sex and relationships education. In the world’s only region with rising levels of HIV infections, we worked to ensure that the most vulnerable young people don’t slip through the cracks as donors pull out and governments fail to step up, and we helped ensure that life-saving sexual and reproductive health care is not overlooked in humanitarian emergencies, where women and girls are always at greatest risk.


IPPF EN priorities