Call on the EU to deliver on health, education and social protection in its next multiannual budget

The European Commission is currently preparing a proposal for its next multiannual budget (or the Multiannual Financial Framework, MFF), which will determine the EU’s annual spending from 2021 to 2027. 

Crucially for civil society, this is the first multiannual budget following the adoption of Agenda 2030, the universal global agenda on sustainable development. This global agenda has recognised access to quality education, health services, nutrition and social protection, as central to lifting people out of poverty and reducing inequalities. Thus, to fulfil these commitments the EU must prioritise health, education and social protection in its post-2020 multiannual budget.

IPPF EN and partners make recommendations on how to include these priorities in the post-2020 EU budget and ensure that the most marginalised people and children - especially women and girls - are not left behind. 

In addition, a balanced MFF is gender-responsive or, put differently, it delivers on gender equality. In a joint paper, IPPF EN and partners make the case for a gender-responsive EU planning and budgeting.