European Week of Action for Girls Advocacy Paper

Worldwide, girls continue to face discrimination, inequalities and violations of their rights on a huge scale. Girls’ empowerment is a human rights prerogative, but investing in girls has also high economic and social returns. Indeed, girls play a key role in building long-term resilience and sustainable development. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development acknowledges this by specifically mentioning girls in many of its targets, and its overarching principle of “leaving no one behind” also emphasises the need to pay specific attention to girls.
Given this, and given the cost of inaction, the partners organising the European Week of Action for Girls have decided this year to focus on the need to increase and reinforce funding and investment in realising girls’rights.

This paper proposes a number of changes that the EU should make to its overall budgeting practices in order to implement its commitments and make the best use of its resources to empower girls and protect their rights, before focusing more specifically on EU external action and particularly EU development cooperation.